Why You Should Invest In Agriculture Today


It is indisputably true that there is indeed great wealth that awaits any investor or businessman in agriculture and there’s no doubt about it. Agriculture isn’t for the old alone but also for the youth.
The Reality of it all is that the next set of multi-millionaires and billionaires will emanate from the agricultural sector (that is to say that the next line of millionaires will be farmers, agriculturists and agro-preneurs. My country of birth, Nigeria, is said to be to a Giant of Africa, I think, ponder and imagine if truly this self-acclaimed “Giant of Africa” is still standing or has fallen. This is a country that has no plan for the youths and the young ones. The youths are being used as puppets in the hands of these corrupt leaders to achieve their selfish interests and desires.
It’s pathetic seeing, visualizing and watching the current scenario of the country in which everybody wants to be a graduate, live big, work under an Air conditioner(AC) in the office and ride big and flashy cars. The first man on earth, Adam, tilled the ground at the time when he was chased out of the garden of Eden, but right now, nobody wants to till the ground. Did that make any sense to you at all? In this period, you hear people talking about economic recession and hardship, I want to bring it to your notice that after Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were driven out and for them not to die or suffer from hunger, they had to till the ground for survival. Nigerians can do the same, at this period when it seems like nothing is working and everything seems tight. We can actually turn back to agriculture which will eventually turn things around.
Prior to this present time, if you can reminisce the events that unfolded before this current state of the country, agriculture was the mainstay of the country’s economy, not now that we are in the oil boom and still oil prices have continued to drop,you can check how much a barrel of oil was sold about two years ago and check how much it is sold now.

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If we export our agricultural products and do less of it. Yes, Nigeria still imports agricultural products even when she has a good and fertile soil for planting]our economy will be boosted and that will improve the GDP(Gross Domestic Product)of the country,thereby making the country’s currency which is the Nigerian Naira to have a upper hand against the dollar,this will make things to get better in the country. Every leader who comes into the country as an elected personality or politician make gigantic promises which he intends to fulfill, an example is making the Nigerian naira equivalent to the dollar, that is, 1 Dollar = 1 Naira but they find it very hard to achieve this and make it a reality. Since food is a basic need of man, meaning that man’s survival lies in food, Nigeria can be a big exporter of agricultural products by investing her youth and resources into the agricultural sector.
The youths need to wake up and put an end to social vices such as armed robbery, kidnapping, scamming, pickpocketing etc and openly embrace the Green Revolution.