What is UAE and Dubai zip code?


What is UAE and Dubai zip code?

Dubai zip code and Abu Dhabi zip code is most search keywords for UAE resident. These zip codes or postal codes are often required by many websites or filling the form related to Dubai or UAE. Residents of UAE wants to know about postal code and zip code of uae and its states including  Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah, and Fujairah.

These Codes are used in many places. If a jobs seeker wants to apply then many employers ask to enter a zip code or postal code of the United Arab Emirates or its states. People who send or receive goods or posts from abroad or abroad they also need such codes.

UAE and its states use the Makani system for tracing the building location and it is recognized with a specific set of numbers. Postal code of whole UAE and Dubai is not same however separate postal codes are issued by UAE post office to each building, each office, and each business.

I will tell you about UAE and all of its states Including Dubai Zip code.

UAE zip Code:

UAE Zip code is 00000. When an employer or company ask to enter the UAE zip code then you can enter 00000 or N/A. The reason behind this is UAE is not that country that uses Zip code for tracing.  These two codes are used in the United States or some other countries to trace the location. UAE and all of its states use the Makani system to trace the location.

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UAE Postal Code

If it is necessary to write postal code of UAE then Similarly like UAE Zip code, UAE postal code is 00000 or N/A. UAE does not use a system of Postal code or Zip code UAE for whole of its Country or states. However post offices provides postal codes for individual places or companies or offices and each company/office/building etc. have different its own postal codes. Emirates posts issue such UAE Postal code.

UAE zip code list

Valid UAE States and Zip Codes

State ZIP Code(s) Postal Code(s)
Abu Dhabi (AUH) 00000 N/A
Ajman  (AJM) 00000 N/A
Sharjah  (SHJ) 00000 N/A
Dubai (DXB) 00000 N/A
Fujairah (FUJ) 00000 N/A
Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) 00000 N/A
Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) 00000 N/A


Dubai zip code:

Dubai does not have any Dubai zip code. Where it is compulsory to write zip code of Dubai then 00000 or N/A can be used. Instead of zip code Dubai an alternate system Makani is used in Dubai. Makani is widely used by military in many countries for tracing location.

Offices or building in Different areas of Dubai like deira , al barsha , mamzar, bur dubai, Jabal ali,Jumairah, international City uses different P.O Box number.

Postal code of Dubai:

There is no postal code of Dubai but where it is necessary to write postal code of Dubai, people can write 00000 or N/A. However individual P.O Box number are issued by Dubai post office for individual companies or buildings. There is no Postal code Dubai but individual P.O Box number.

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Abu Dhabi zip code

UAE and all of its states do not use a system of zip code. Abu Dhabi zip code is 00000. There is no zip code system used in UAE and in any of its states including Abu Dhabi that’s why where it is necessary to write zip code Abu Dhabi then 00000 is used.

Abu Dhabi Postal Code

Abu Dhabi postal code in UAE is not used however individual companies in UAE gets individual P.O Box number from Abu Dhabi post office. Where it is asked for postal code Abu Dhabi,00000 is used.

Sharjah zip Code

Same as other states of UAE there is no Sharjah zip code. However, 00000 is used where it is necessary to write Sharjah zip code.

Sharjah Postal Code

There is no specific Sharjah postal code but the separate P.O Box number for each company and building for receiving post and tracing location.

Ajman zip code :

Ajman does not uses any zip code like other states of UAE