Top 5 Most Dangerous Drinks Consumed in Lagos by Innocent People


Top 5 Most Dangerous Drinks Consumed in Lagos by Innocent People.

Dangerous Drinks Consumed in Lagos… Dangerous drinks exist in Lagos Nigeria that people might not know about. Whatever type of drink either water, alcohol, wine or beverage is taken into the body, we must be aware if it’s dangerous to health. Recently, research has shown that dangerous drinks are consumed mostly by Lagosians.

Dangerous Drinks Consumed in Lagos

Top 5 Most Dangerous Drinks Consumed in Lagos

The following are the 5 most dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos, they are:

1. Pure Water.

This is topping the list because it doesn’t meet the hygienic standards for water to be considered pure, i.e. still contains impurities. It is known that this is the fastest selling product in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole and it costs only N10. The pure water business generates lots of money so many people are into the production of pure water.

Pure water is said to be dangerous to health not mainly because of its packaging but the production house (factory). Some of the factories are not hygienic and therefore are inhabited with vast numbers of pathogenic (disease causing) microorganism which infest the water, due to the fact that microorganisms are ubiquitous in nature (everywhere). These microorganisms can cause illnesses like typhoid, cholera, etc when the water is taken into the body and water is considered to be pure when it is void of these microorganisms.

Therefore, clean and assessable water should be made available by the government to its citizens and also make effort to inspect the pure water factories to make sure it meets the hygiene standard.

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2. Opa-Eyin.

This is a locally made gin produced by the combination of herbs and roots. Opa-Eyin is rumored to cure different kinds of diseases, though it is not scientifically proven. This is mostly consumed by Lagosians.

This drink is termed dangerous because we cannot be too sure of what root and herb is used for its production and what adverse effect it might have on the body. Medically, it is known that herbs work but when given in high concentration could have a negative effect

3. Codeine

This is one of the most popularly known dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos. It is consumed mostly by youths and it is contained in cough syrups, sold in drug stores. Youths tend to abuse this drug by turning a whole bottle into beverages and consume sip by sip until it’s empty.

Codeine is known to induce sleep especially for those who experience insomnia (cannot sleep).

4. Monkey-Tail

This is a mixture of locally made gin and Indian hemp or cannabis (igbo). Monkey-tail is one of the deadliest drinks but yet most people still find pleasure in consuming it, even sometimes up to the point of being addicted.

This drink according to medical experts can inflict mental problems and also destroys internal organs of the body leading to death.

5. Scooches

This is made from the combination of zobo, cannabis, local rum, and codeine, which is very dangerous to health. Scooches are served at popular bars and drinks spots in Lagos metropolities and other cities in Nigeria.

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The Federal Government has established agencies like NDLEA, NAFDAC, etc in effort to stop the production of these dangerous drinks but it keeps on increasing.

I hope this article has enlightened you on the dangerous drinks consumed in Lagos and how harmful they are to your health.