Expert Tips on How to Win a Football Prediction


Have you ever asked yourself how to win a football prediction just like others use to do? If you’re not, then 87% of people we sent a survey to actually said they’ve always asked that question without finding a better solacing result. But not to worry too much, we’ve got you covered with 11 drastic tips that could help you know how to win the next jackpot.

Football prediction has been in existent from the first-day football started. The cultural way of betting was in existent while the digitalization of the world crisps the cultural method by giving the process an invigorating look.

Now our days, it’s easier to predict a game in any device, smartphone, desktop and any internet enabled devices. It’s also easier to place predictions this days with use of USSD Code and other offline means.

How to Predict Football Matches –  things to consider

In order to correctly predict a football match, certain things should be considered. In this walkthrough guide, you will learn this and how to overcome the tension of losing a game. When people predict a game, they’d want to win and bag the rewards.

1. Be a football fan

The first step to consider before predicting games to win is by being a regular football fan. And I believed you know what that means? A fan is always supporting what he loves. A fan will always know the in outs of a club, their past matches with an opponent, last season plays, who scored their goals in their last game etc. This information can only be kept by a regular fan who follows the trends of football and clubs.

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It’s not just knowing about the club. It’s likewise more advised to get to know players by names, their strengths, weaknesses and ability. You can achieve this by viewing sports on a regular basis or by following sports highlights on YouTube or Google.

2. Choose your best club

Choosing your best football club in the nation, premier league, Champions League or any league will give you the boldness to determine what your club is going to play against the opponent. While doing this, don’t be too serious about it not to lose your chances of knowing other club members and their weak points in order to guarantee your prediction.

3. Pick Few Games and increase your Stakings

One of the reasons many people experience cut tickets while betting is that they are pretty much too greedy. Imagine picking 15 games plus and stake N100 because you wish to bag home 5million Naira? Isn’t that greed? It’s better to pick a few games and increase your stakings to a substantial budget that will increase your payouts.

If you are just starting, I will advise you always go for sure odds lesser than 7 games and predict with not more than N1,000 and from there, you’ll discover your potentials and weaknesses.

4. Split your tickets into two or more

In a scenario whereby you’ve got more than 15 games that you are sure of winning, go ahead and split the game into two tickets before placing your predictions. This will help reduce the fear of losing 100% if one of the tickets happens to stand against you. It’s better to win half than not to win at all. This is a pro tip to football prediction

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5. Play the reverse of the ticket

In many cases, you might need to play the reverse of your games. In games you are not too sure, instead of taking the “double chances”, it’s wiser to play a win in one and a draw in another, if you are so rich at the moment to play more, you can also play the possibility of both winning or not. Be wise enough to split your money right. In all that you do to earn in this passion reward, never be addicted to it not to lose a fortune.