The Underestimated Power of Vision [A Must Read To All Youths]


The Underestimated Power of Vision

As each year begins, it is habitual that a lot of people set out things which they seek to do and achieve but before the end of the year, they find themselves not achieving that purpose which they have marked out to do. A good example of this is New Year Resolutions, which is common among people to set out things out of a firm decision in them. For Instance, a youth who is deeply rooted in sexual immorality knows that he isn’t doing the right thing but each time he falls to the same temptation, as each day passes, he makes resolutions and decisions not to involve in such atrocity but finds himself doing them.

Enough of The Resolutions

Resolutions are quite good, they are made out of decisions and determinations, but the determination which they carry is not a firm one, that is why it doesn’t take long before people fail in their resolutions. If you are to make a decision, there has to be a lot of things which are to be in place to make you achieve your laid down resolutions.


In simple English, Vision refers to one’s ability to see. It is the ability to think and plan for the future. Without vision it is difficult to know where you are going, even in a dark and blurry situation, vision brings you into the light and helps you define your actions and activities in life.

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As a youth,you possess great power when you have vision. The reason is that vision gives you that power to plan with great imagination. Like a Blueprint, vision keeps you on track so as not to lose focus on where you are going to. You’ve made up your mind and may possibly have made a plan which you are working towards, it becomes easy when you visualize and imagine how the plan will work out to be, in your imagination. Knowing fully well that we are marching into a new year,it is important that you come along with your vision because when you have set out your goals for the year, vision gives you that feeling that everything will work out well if you channel the right resources, money and time in the right decision as you have planned.

As an individual, youth or teenager, it is important that you have a vision of what you intend to achieve in years to come. If you live your life without a vision of where you are going, everywhere will seem like a checkpoint or a bus stop where you will have to stop at regular frequencies and intervals. Also, a person who has no defined plan of a goal which he intends to fulfill by stopping halfway hasn’t reached anywhere.

You should be able to tell yourself that within a specified and defined period of time,”I should achieve this, it’s time for me to move on to the next step”.This is when setting your goals comes into place, there are different types of goal, which comes with a time range. This will help you better in knowing the type of goal which you are planning:

– Short Term Goal: These are goals which you intend to finish within a short time, these goals have the tendency to be completed and finished within a small space of time. For example, a student who plans his way to get a good grade in his studies is making a short-term goal, a contractor who is to build a road of 3km should know the time range for the job and the number of workers needed for the job to be done.

– Long-Term Goal: Long-term goals are goals which take constant time and effort before they are accomplished. As the name implies, it doesn’t mean that it will consume or take a long time or before the mission becomes accomplished. An example of a long time goal is a high school student who wants to graduate and be a professor and hold a PhD and Master Degree in a given course which he has in mind or a businessman who invested part of his wealth into agriculture in hope that his farm business will be the highest food producer in his country is planning a long-term goal.

It’s a good thing to have a vision, but know the value and efficiency which comes along with it. Vision is like a compass, with it you know where you are going, and also you won’t be tossed around by the storms and winds of life because you have something to guide you, and you have something to work with.

Also, vision stands a control instrument that helps you gauge your achievement, it helps you imagine things in your mind and that gives you that firm determination to experiment on the ideas in your imagination. Just like an artist, a painter, a sculptor, a poet, a story writer, a novelist and a potter, they didn’t make out their crafts by magic, they also did not just wake up and start working without any clue or plan. The products and crafts which they make have already been made in their imagination, and they start experimenting and making their artworks based on what they saw, imagined and visualized from the picture of their minds.

In Conclusion, now that you know the true importance of having a vision. Take out time to ask yourself some questions which it’s you who have the answer,

Why am I in this world?

What was I created to do?

What am I going to achieve in the next few years?

What are the things I need to do to make this vision a reality?

How do I visualize and harness my potential?

What are the tools I need to have to fight off distraction?

Finally, ensure that the vision you have and operate upon is a good vision, which is realistic, measurable, attainable and achievable.

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