What’s new in recent Windows 10 updates?


Last month we posted about the Windows 10 October Updates which was successfully updated and the windows 10 had new features and nice looking background, replacing so many features especially the Microsoft Office that could not come with image viewer instead the Groove Photo Viewer was replaced.

Windows 10 Updates


What is New in Windows 10 Recent Updates?

As we earlier discussed a lot of things have been updated in Windows 10 which will interest you most because they add fun to your daily usage of windows and create efficiency in applying the tools made available in the New Windows.

See photos from your Android phone on your PC

In the October 2018 update, link your phone with Windows was introduced which initially allows Your Phone app to see the 25 most recent photos from your Android phone or iOS. Drag a photo from the Your Phone app to an email, an Office document, or another place. Right-click a photo to copy or share it. And many more features. Now, it’s better.

Send an Android text message from your PC

I think this option made it more professional to look like a Bluetooth device or something. This feature allows you to professionally read and send messages (Text messages) right in your windows computer without having to take out your mobile device from your pocket.

Make things on your screen larger

Windows 10 Magnifier option is another powerful feature upgraded by Microsoft which enables you to enlarge your windows screen in part or in full. Magnifier enlarges part or all of your screen, helping make words and images easier to see. To start Magnifier quickly, press Windows logo key + Plus sign (+). To turn it off, press Windows logo key + Esc. This Feature comes in handy when sometimes you are designing graphics, or doing a particular thing that requires you to zoom and see the closet.

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magnifier zoom in and out

Easily Add Emoji on your Text with Keyboard

Another brilliant feature in the new windows update is the Emoji feature which enables you to add different emoji to your text projects for example 👏🤳✔😊😂🤣😁💕👌😒😍❤👍🤦‍♀️🎶🐱‍👤🐱‍🏍🚠🚍🚒 huh? Should I continue? I guess no. Start adding Emoji to your text by tapping Windows Logo Key + Period (.) You can also search for emoji

Experience Different Look with Android Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is another dynamic feature that came in the new Windows 10 Updates. This is an app which can be downloaded in the Google Play Store for free.