How to Prepare and Pass 2019 WAEC Examination

How to Prepare and Pass 2019 WAEC Examination

WAEC examination is very important and for you to pass 2019 WAEC examination you must be fully equipped as a student. Most students don’t perform well due to worry and anxiety. While some due to lack of preparation. The purpose of this article is to discuss extensively the various ways to pass the 2019 WAEC examination.

How to Prepare and Pass 2019 WAEC Examination


Basic Tips on how to prepare and pass 2019 WAEC examination

  1. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Don’t be scared

Some students become scared because they have heard WAEC is hard and this could be their road to failure already. The truth about the matter is that WAEC isn’t as difficult as it is. Fear kills motivation and zeal to pass your exam with an outstanding result. You have to fight fear to pass 2019 WAEC examination.

     2. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Have self-determination

Self-determination is another good thing for you to possess to pass 2019 WAEC examination. You must be determined to succeed in order to make good grades. Determination eliminates fear and gives you a passion to study your books effectively.

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     3. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Have a reading timetable

A reading timetable is a good one for you to get to prepare adequately well. You have to create more time for your important subject in your timetable. If you want to study engineering, that means you have to create at least 2 hours each for your important subject. Then create less time for other subjects.

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     4. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Set grades for yourself

It is necessary to set a grade that you want to have and follow it up with voracious reading. The purpose of setting grade is to motivate you to study hard before your examination. It is also a good way to pass the 2019 WAEC examination.

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     5. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Study past questions

If you go through some WAEC past questions, you will find out that they repeat their questions. Having WAEC past questions makes thing so easier and also give you an idea of what their question looks like. If you can study your WAEC questions thoroughly, you can have credits in your result. This shouldn’t be a reason for you to neglect your notebooks and textbooks.

     6. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Read voraciously

Reading is a vital thing for a student to do because it is what you study you will be able to write in your exams. You must study and read in between the lines. Another thing is for you to carry note taking when you are reading. This method will enhance your performance.

     7. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Don’t engage in malpractice

Engaging in examination malpractice is capable of destroying your success. Any student that wants to come out with exceptional results shouldn’t get involved in this act. There is a punishment that’s being attached to this unlawful act.

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     8. Pass 2019 WAEC examination: Obey simple instructions

There are a lot of students that have failed WAEC due to their inability to follow the simple instruction in the exam hall. Some examiners tend to get angry and fail a student that doesn’t cohere to instructions that are being written on the question paper. Therefore, it is a must to observe all the instructions that are being given.