How To Become Rich By Making Wealth


Nobody wants to be poor in this life. It is everybody’s dream to become rich and wealthy. Even a poor man wouldn’t wait for a second to dispose of the rags of poverty for then garments of wealth if given a chance to become rich.

One thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people sit around looking for manna to fall from heaven without doing anything, some people pray for many periods of time without a handwork from them to back up the prayer that was prayed. For you to become rich, you must have something which you are doing. You don’t stay idle looking for means to get money without doing anything at all. Making money is a choice and a decision which you must make. At times, I see people smoking and sleeping when their fellow men are working and these people soliloquize by saying, “One day, I go make am”, “Every hustler has a payday”, “We go buy G-Wagon and Rolls Royce”, “Na VGC I go dey pack dey go”, “I will be wealthier than Aliko Dangote” and yet they have nothing to show that they are working to achieve that dream and when the year comes to an end, they will be among the section of people who will have no result to show for their activities and work when the year started.

For you to make money, you must put your hands to work, do not stay idle for an idle mind is a devil’s workshop. If you want to make wealth, you have to start something and make a move today which you will never regret. Alhaji Aliko Dangote is the richest man in Nigeria and in Africa today because he made a move to invest in cement production business, today, he is one of the influential men in the world because his work speaks for him. He has refineries and companies in and out of Nigeria. If you check well, you will discover that he is not lazy, he has an investment in noodles, cement, salt, oil etc and he is making it.

If he can make it, you can also make it while trying to build wealth for yourself and for your future. No matter how little it is, just start something, watch it go like a forest. A tree was once a seed, it grows up from that stage to a level where it has branches. That is how a starting a business is when you start with no customers, no support, no connection but as far as you have something in your hand, with dedication, determination, and commitment to that business, it will grow and become fruitful.

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