Essential Cycling Tips – What to wear when cycling


Generally, almost all activities have their specialist clothing. And the fact that cycling encompasses almost everything, like riding from work, to the mall, and several other places of interest, it has varieties of befitting clothing. What to wear when cycling should not be of a great concern for anyone and everyone.

Notwithstanding, one can cycle without any special clothing like special shoes, Lycra shorts, gloves, tight fitting jerseys and the likes. Considering cycling a short distance, you don’t need special clothing at all. Wear anything you are comfortable with as far as it won’t affect your cycling plus if the weather is good.

However, in the case of a long distance and bad weather, you need cycling clothing as they will make you feel more comfortable and confident.

Cycling items to wear when Cycling

  • Jerseys

Jerseys are made from synthetic materials, i.e. wicking (the process of moving water from your skin and evaporating it) and some are made with the addition of Merino wool. It comes with the shape of a t-shirt, but has a high neck that protects from the sun ray, a frontal zip, either short or long, and a back pocket. Cycling jerseys can be short, long sleeves or sleeveless for hot weather.

There are water-resistant jerseys fabrics, windproof jerseys fabrics, and light-weight fabrics. Choosing the kind of jerseys to wear depends on your preference and budget.

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  • Tights

Cycling tights helps to cover your when when the temperature becomes low. They are good for cold weather and covers up to your ankle. They are designed to keep you warm. Some tights are made with pads and bibs and some are without.

Consequently, cycling jeans or trousers are amongst what to can wear when cycling. Cycling jeans and trousers are very comfortable to pedal in and comes with several features like pockets, reflective patches, and bum; to avoid saddle pressure.

  • Shorts
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Your what to wear when cycling list is not complete without shorts. They are the most common cycling clothing. There are bib shorts and waist shorts. They are made from Lycra or Nylon materials, usually stretchy.

The bib shorts comes with inbuilt braces while the waist shorts comes with elastic waist band. Of this two options, bib shorts are more comfortable.

Another shorts to wear when cycling is shy shorts. They are very comfortable and can be worn anywhere without attracting onlookers.

  • Jackets

Jackets are part of what to wear when cycling. And are very common. They are worn by most cyclists. There are three kinds of jackets: hardshells, softshells “water resistant”, and thermal jackets.

Thermal jackets are designed for cold weather and when you feel dry. Softshells offers protection from the rain and gives warmth. While the hardshells are waterproof and reasonably sweaty.

  • Shoes

Shoes are amongst what to wear when cycling. Ideal cycling shoes are mostly stiff soles. They fit perfectly on the bike. These shoes are designed with cleats which makes it uncomfortable to walk in on a normal day since they are not designed for walking but rather cycling.

Recessed cleats shoes are designed for mountain cycling are more comfortable to walk in and good for everyday cycling.

  • Arm and Leg warmers

These two are great combination to start off the day with cycling. They keep your arms and legs warm from cold after which you can take them off when the cold is gone.

  • Socks

Cycling socks are made from sweaty fabrics, which are wicking and thin. These socks has a thick layer sole for a comfy padding.

  • Base Layers
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Base layers are wore before jerseys. They stand between the skin and jersey. There are many reasons to wear a base layer: keeps you cool and warm depending on the weather; it helps to get rid of sweats from your skin; and protect your skin from scratching during a crash.

  • Vest

Vest is usually wore on the jersey to protect the torso from wind. Some are made from materials waterproof fabrics or softshells. Vest is also referred to as “gilet”.

  • Gloves

Gloves are amongst the many items of what to wear when cycling. Some gloves are dsigned with light padded leather or gel padding for the palm, Velcro strip for the wrist, towelling wipes, crochet cotton or stretchy back. They provide much comfort in winter. The most common are the short-cut finger gloves among most cyclists.

Why the need for cycling clothing?

  • For easy movement

Cycling clothing makes moving easier when cycling. In the case of legwear, cycling entails moving your legs more than any other parts of your body. That’s why most legwear are stretchy.

  • Padding

Padding helps to absorb shock with its extra layer of shock absorption. Also helps in reducing road shock that goes to the bum.

Padding also protects the palm with the use of cycling gloves that has padding in them to protect the palm against handlebars vibration and against scratch during crash.

Ordinarily, there are no underwear with cycling shorts hence, the pads makes long cycling easier and provides a soft touch against your skin.

  • Perfect fit
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Cycling clothing are designed to fit perfectly when cycling. Both legwear, jackets, and sleeves are designed perfectly to cover your body parts from exposing and for comfortability.

  • Faster Cycling

What to wear when cycling will tell how your cycle will go. Therefore, cycling clothing enables you to cycle faster and cover long distance within a short time. You feel very comfortable and free in them. It safes energy and enables you to concentrate better. Cycling shoes enables you to ride with ease and provides a comfy feet to cycle.

  • Ideal for sweat

Cycling gloves are designed with towels at the back of the hand to wipe off sweats from the face. Accordinly, cycling clothing are usually not made from cotton because of sweat. Cycling clothing are made from waterproof fabrics which get rid of sweats from your skin.

Likewise,the outer layer of cycling clothing are also designed to prevent water from passing into the skin through the back and armpits.

Conversely, what to wear when cycling are supposed to make you feel comfortable and cycle with ease when you hit the trail or road. Cycling clothing enhance great performance with the wicking feature they encompass. They are lightweight, breathable and protect against the wind. They last long and are relatively affordable.