Age of Mythology Extended Edition Cheats


– The Period of MYTHOLOGY

Period of Mythology flashes players back to a period when saints battled with beasts of legend and the divine beings interceded in the undertakings of mortal men. Players take up arms utilizing strategy and human armed forces, advance through advancement ages, upgrade military and financial execution with enhancements, and oversee financial matters through asset assembling and exchange. Folklore enters the blend when players call upon the divine beings to follow up for their sake or fortify their armed forces with in excess of 20 fanciful animals. Outfit Studios’ new 3D motor includes a profound extravagance of graphical detail and makes a novel new title dependent on the antiquated social history of the Greek, Norse, and Egyptian societies, which are separated into nine itemized civic establishments.

Progressing in Age of Mythology takes a considerable measure of time and exertion, yet you can explore it all the more rapidly in the event that you utilize some straightforward cheats to excel. The cheats are all case touchy and should be spelt effectively to work. Utilizing them will make Age of Mythology significantly more enjoyable to play!

This article contains a rundown of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and different mysteries for Age of Mythology.

Among the definers of the RTS sexual orientation of the mid 2000s. Time of Mythology sold more than 1,000,000 duplicates four months after its discharge; it tumbled to the graces of experienced and amateur players for a considerable length of time to accompany its drawing in single player crusade and cleaned diversion play. With people group bolster it stood the trial of time accepting a refreshed form in 2014 on Steam named Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, including enhanced illustrations, for example, water and lighting mechanics, alongside Treaty diversion mode, day and night cycles, Steam accomplishments and mod help from the Steam workshop. Furthermore, in 2003 it got its first official extension: Age of Mythology-The Titans and in 2016: Age of Mythology-Tale of the Dragon.

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Age of Mythology Extended Edition Cheats and Tale of the Dragon Cheats,

To enact these cheat codes, press enter, type in the code, and afterward press enter again to actuate it. Cheat codes must be in all tops (Ex: HOWDY will fill in rather than howdy). Cheats don’t work in the demo variant of AOM.

Note: Achievements will be bolted for the bamboozling session.


Excite OF VICTORY-Instant win (Scenario)

CHANNEL SURFING-Instant win (Campaign)


LAY OF THE LAND-Reveals delineate

Vulnerability AND DOUBT-Hides outline

Gives up! NOW!(two spaces between GO! furthermore, NOW) – Fast diversion speed

CONSIDER THE INTERNET-Slows diversion speed

IN DARKEST NIGHT-Cycles through four distinctive light settings

RED TIDE-Makes the water turn red (Note: Using this cheat transforms angle into insect swarms).

TINFOIL HAT-Ownership of all units on the guide are randomized

RESET BUTTON-All structures on the guide progress toward becoming un-assembled.


SUPA H4X0R-Instant form (likewise influences foes)

I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!1!- Spawns a great deal of monkeys

WUV WOO-Spawns a Flying Purple Hippo

TINES OF POWER-Spawns a Fork kid

O CANADA-Spawns a Lazer Bear

TITANOMACHY-Spawns a Titan at your Town Center

BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK-Gives you a ground-breaking puppy

ISIS HEAR MY PLEA-Gives you the legends from the Fall of the Trident battle

ATLANTIS REBORN-Gives you Atlantean legends

MR. MONDAY-100% Titan AI Handicap.

God powers

BAWK BOOM-Chicken Meteor

Dread THE FORAGE-Walking berry brambles

GOATUNHEIM-Turn all units into goats

Fury OF THE GODS-Lightning Storm, Earthquake, Meteor and Tornado god powers

PANDORAS BOX-Random god powers

ZENOS PARADOX-Random god powers (incorporates Atlantean legends)

DIVINE INTERVENTION-Renews God Power utilization.


Shoddy nourishment NIGHT-1000 sustenance

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NINJACONNOR-100,000 every asset, maxes populace top, boundless god control castings, 100x form/investigate speeds (Extended Edition as it were)

Designed GRAIN-Instantly swells group creatures

SET ASCENDANT-Show creatures on guide (adore Set with the end goal to control the creatures)

MOUNT OLYMPUS-Maximum Favor.

Glitches: Strange Option-Changing Relic In Fall of the Trident, Mission 13: Tug of War, send a cleric to the highest point of the guide. You will discover a relic called”(r)”. It has no depiction. Battalion inside your sanctuary and nothing will happen….yet. Stop the mission, and you will have another foundation and your amusement will be set to low goals. To impair this impact, go to choices and select High Resolution.

Insider facts Control creatures In single-player arbitrary guide mode, revere the Egyptian god Set; utilize the code “Set Ascendant,” which demonstrates to all of you creatures on the guide. This will cause the lions, deer or crocodiles to fall under your control. It doesn’t work for chickens, goats, or pigs.

Concealed insult: When playing a LAN or web based amusement press enter and type 999 which does the signature music however with additional sounds like monkeys singing, and so on. Extremely interesting, however just in the event that you are the one doing it.

Note that you should have the Titans Expansion to utilize the accompanying cheats:*.ATLANTIS REBORN: get all the legends from the titans battle at your town focus (fortresses don’t work)*.RESET BUTTON: erases all units and structures with the exception of town centers.*.TITANOMACHY: get a titan at your town focus (fortifications don’t work)*.ZENOS PARADOX: get irregular god powers including the Atlantian ones.

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Lord of the Hill

When playing the King of the Hill outline, Poseidon. When the diversion begins, cast Lure just next to the Plenty Vault amidst the guide. The Lure Stone will catch the vault. While it won’t win you the amusement (except if the vault is on an island), it will get you additional assets in the time it takes your rival to attempt to recover it.

Child of Osiris executes creatures

On the off chance that your Son of Osiris focuses on an adversary and there are creatures adjacent, his chain lightning assault may strike the creatures. It slaughters the weaker creatures in a solitary shot, or, in other words to watch.

Skimming adversaries

Enter Mount Olympus and get a couple of Niddhogs. Attack a foe city and constantly utilize Meteor Power on vast warrior armed forces. In some cases, a foe will drift while kicking their legs. Dispose of them by working over them.

In the event that you hit the delay and enter the titans cheat on various occasions, you’ll get that numerous when you un-stop.

Try not to abuse the cheats; it removes the enjoyment from the test.